22 Desember 2014

Aneh Tapi Nyata, Unik Lucu LIHAT FOTO INI, anda Akan Tercengang

(This is not a dog politely riding the train to work.)
(This is not a tiny man riding on a woman';s back.)
(This girl doesn';t have insanely hairy arms.)
(The bridesmaids are not all little people.)
(This boy';s left hand is not actually massive.)
(This is not a young woman carrying a young man.)
(This is not a tiny baby with fully grown legs.)
(The hockey player in blue did not punch the head off the hockey player in red.)
(The woman in lace actually has a head.)
(This is not a boy with the face of a man.)
(That';s not a boob.)
(This is not a man with a really tiny head.)
(This woman actually does have a neck.)
(This is not a giant boy being kissed on the cheek.)
(This news anchor is not threatening his guest with an AK-47.)
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(This woman is not levitating on a floating platform.)
(This man doesn';t actually have smooth, girlish legs.)
(This woman is not snorting her friend';s hair.)

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